Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What To Listen For

I had a busy 2 weeks with appearances on several podcast and one big surprise I’ll talk about in a second.

Bobby Blackwolf Show

Weekly, Sundays, 8PM

Download Link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/BobbyBlackwolfShow/~3/221234159/BWShow011308-012008.mp3

DESCRIPTION: An awesome podcast that gives the listener to not only listen live, but also participate in making the show great. I often call in to discuss the big topics of the week or a philosophy or point of view on gaming I think is worthy of discussion. If you are too shy to call in there is always the chat room to keep you busy and chatting with other listeners who voice their opinion on the various topics.

EPISODE: In this double sized super show I call in to talk about Street Fighter 4 and various other fighters as well as a call talking about the conversations gamers have with each other and what someone personally looks for when deciding why a game is great.

You can listen for me near the 34:00-47:00 and 1:33:00-1:44:00 mark.

Chatterbox Video Game Show

Weekly, Tuesdays, 11PM

Link: http://ripple.radiotail.com/1007/Show208_01-22-2008.mp3

DESCRIPTION: Not only is the show live, but it is also broadcast on the radio in Arizona. The hosts Alon (game fan), Ara (game designer), and Rich (student game designer) are a smart and diverse group whose show feels painfully short only because you love hearing their point of view on the industry and game design. I rarely call into the show (I still call the most) and when I do I am greeted with open arms (unless I disagree). They also have a live chat room so that you can discuss the topic and Rich is often in there relaying the information and opinions to the other hosts.

EPISODE: This two part segment talks about why we play games and what motivates us. I call in and talk about games as a challenge and the side effects of a frustrated gamer.

You can listen for me near the 21:00-40:00 mark.


Weekly, Fridays

Link: http://media.libsyn.com/media/cheapyd/cagcast104.mp3

DESCRIPTION: A great podcast that takes a look at not only the news of the week, but any great deals on games that can be found. It’s hosted by Cheapy D from Japan and Wombat from New York with discussions from both sides of the gaming hemispheres. Unlike most podcast its very personal and you will get to know (and learn to love) the two hosts of the show.

EPISODE: This is such a cool moment that I won’t even spoil it for you. Simply take a quick listen for not only one of the coolest things that ever, but something that even amazed me as I listened.

You can listen for me near the 19:40-28:00 and 2:01:00-2:04:00 mark.

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