Monday, April 28, 2008

New Song: GTA Mobster

Listen to it 100 times and something magical will happen... not really, but do it anyway cuz the song is good.


May not agree with how I live life

But I gotta stay a GTA Mobster

Steal anybody's ride

Just give it up easily when I rob ya.

No option to fail, not going to jail

I'm all bout the paper, your death ain't cuz I hate you

The kind of guy that won't take no.

I'm just like Drago, know that I'll break you.


Ayo, attack with the side arm strapped.

LCPD’s creepin, watch my back.

Low ammo and give a cro cop beating.

Bruised fists, leavin you in the streets dead bleeding.

Walk with attitude, yell at mutha fuckas.

The AUTOmatic for car jackin mutha fuckas.

Helicopter are much worse, trackin mutha fuckas.

The crew I roll with, are savage mutha fuckas.

Get mad, bust gats then the sirens start blaring up.

Only a matter of time before the mass hysteria.

Feds say they’ll shoot, its just them scarin ya.

Darin ya to blow up the whole fuckin area.

Hold yo own weight cuz won’t nobody carry ya.

Don’t its yo mistake then they’ll have to bury ya.

Grand of cash I’m for hire, thieving ways won’t retire.

Automatics will fire.


Verse 2:

In the midnight club, see the front of my gun.

Grab the stash when I’m done, finishing the smuggler’s run.

Hooker lean on my truck, so I then have to hooker up.

With an uppercut then dump the fucking cunt in the trunk.

Called cops on the phone, so took her to the forests alone.

Put the chrome to her dome, ready to shredder all of her bones.

Shut up bitch why you now speaking out, now freaking out.

Seeing how, you got the cops now seeking me out.

Fully, knew I’m a bully so don’t bother to kick or pull me.

Tie a noose around her neck and use my car as a pully.

Rivals get it too till they need the max pain pills.

Real warriors won’t hesitate dedicate to kill.

Came to Liberty City to take every block over.

Leave bodies smoking after givin em that glock-coma

Ricochet rocket propelled grenades life flashes so quick.

Last thing you hear on earth Jimmy Gestapo and Oh shit!


Verse 3

Statue of Happiness, that’s one big bitch.

Till I met the LCPD after stealing yo shit.

Francis International Airport arrived Niko Bellic.

He ain’t start out causing havoc so I gotta give em credit till later that day.

Roman got him into something stupid.

All hell starts to break loose and in all of the confusion.

Ends up the dude on the news in the blue track suit shootin.

Who keeps on spittin rounds till ain’t nobody fuckin movin.

Liberty City, where the American dream goes to die.

The Land where capitalism and giant egos collide.

He came to this shitty city for prosperity and business.

Next thing he’s robbing bank of liberty and killing every witness.

I’m just out to get rich, and I got Nikko with me.

In a few weeks we cut a bonesaw through this city.

Niko, Roman, PEN-15’s all part of this deadly crew.

We bad boys, bad boys, so what cha gon do.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boss of the Bosses Episode 2

Well here is episode 2 (sorry I am posting this a little late) and it was such a kick ass show that to hear the rest you’ll have to wait for the next episode.

We dig into Call of Duty 4 and Street Fighter 4 again. We talk about if COD4 has the right balance in multiplayer and if Bots should be mandatory in FPS games. Then I talk waaay too long when responding to a listener’s mail about SF4.

Anyone can message me or Solar Khan either on my blog or gametrailers. Feedback or questions is something we’d like more of.

Other Updates
Despite having my own podcast I am still a frequent caller into the Bobby Blackwolf Show. I suggest you check it out if not just for me then just for the smart commentary provided by Blackwolf.

I've been banned from Chatterbox Video Game Show call ins I don't know why, but during the live shows I'm still in the IRC talking up a storm like I usually do. I talked so much on the last show I really didn't even hear anything they said. I guess when I can't comment by calling in it makes it harder to listen to what they are saying. Still a great show that you should check out despite the ungodly hour it comes on live. But if its too much work download the podcast like I'll have to so that I can find out what the hell I missed last week.

Also Solar Khan and I are trying to expand our horizons/empire. So expect some new and surprising things from us in the future. Here is something that I can say I truly did not expect despite knowing it was going to happen...

Also be on the lookout for new music. I got some things in the works that fit into some game releases.