Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blowing Up

"I'm like a man smoking at a gas station... I'm about to blow up!" - Martin Lawrence, Martin TV Show

In a little over a week my video on YouTube has had over 10,000 views which is more then I ever imagined. I put a lot of work into the song and am shocked by the response I've received. The best part being the various journalists that saw the video.

I got a personal message from Kyle Orland (youtube comments) who was the person that broke the news on Joystiq. That was crazy enough, but it turns out he also use to go to my high school and essentially lived in the same area I do today. I also got a personal message from the man himself Jeff Gerstmann saying that he liked the song (check myspace comments). That to me would have been enough... but it gets better.

One journalist by the name of Sam Kennedy not only puts my video in his blog post, but has written an incredible article about the situation. If at all interested I strongly suggest you check out his post. Its long, but after you finished reading it you'll be glad you now have deeper insight about the subject matter and how it effects all gaming media.

Once again thanks to everyone that helped make the video a hit and expect more to come.

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