Friday, August 24, 2007

E3 Week - Complaints and Grievances

Bitching and Moaning is more like it. I get all upset and worked up over CG trailers. And we talk about games that not only look bland, but the gameplay matches it. We also go into the dark side of mods for games and conclude that humanity is evil when given a chance. Time to play the game!

Length: 25:57

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

E3 Week - Sony Press Conference

We argue about the Sony Conference in depth. From presentation to CG animation we hit every point and some that don’t even apply. Discussion on how Sony is failing at applying a Nintendo style marketing and suffer intense fear at Chewbacca’s appearance. Poor DILDO is forced to admit things about Sony that breaks his heart relating to Resistance: Fall of Man and MGS4’s presentation. We also talk about the “buzz” (obvious reference to another Mario Bee suit segment) at the conference about money, PSPs, Pachter, consumers, and language barriers.

Length: 36:31

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

E3 Week – Triforce of Shows

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to post the show Monday and Tuesday so instead you get a triple shot today. DILDO and I battle a three-headed beast with the Microsoft Conference, Falling Short & Killzone, and the Nintendo Conference. In the end we discovered that we love bees and stealing PC games is not cool.

E3 Week – Microsoft Conference

I attempt to clarify why Microsoft’s boring E3 was better then a Halo fighting game CG trailer. DILDO hypes Mac gaming and showers Jade Raymond with love. And we both get a hardy laugh on behalf of Assassins Creed’s stage demo.

Length: 17:11

High Quality Temporary Link: 23.6MB

E3 Week – Falling Short and Killzone

I start off with a rant on Sony and its shortfalls that quickly escalates into DILDO claiming the Killzone video as perfect and my counter being it still appears like the same boring game. It goes into detail with how we view game graphics, games feeling alive, special effects, variety in games, and Muppets… yes Muppets.

Length: 21:33

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E3 Week – Nintendo Conference

Original title was Silence of the Fans, but DILDO found it a little too cruel. We got some good laughs at the big N’s showcase. The few times that we both agree and proceed to savage and poke fun vigorously. Imagine Don Rickles as the Hulk. And remember diversity is not a wooden civil war ship.

Length: 11:25

High Quality Temporary Link: 15.6MB