Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Track Debut!!!

Brand new track about the toughest game boss you could ever face. Spread the love and the link to this blog post.

Video coming soon as well as part 2 to this track.


(Verse 1 Boss)

You think you gonna win against me I’m the fuckin boss.

Only thing I’m giving players is another loss.

You can upgrade everything no matter the cost.

But in the end I know controllers gonna get tossed.

The game designer wanted you to yell god damn it.

You ain’t gonna beat me cuz I’m fuckin god damn it.

You get so aggro (aggro) you kicked yourSsega.

Dreamcast HP scan shows I’m alpha omega.

When you fightin me you’ll think I’m so gay.

You reach the end, but you’ll never beat the whole game.

My health regains, even as I fight. (fade in)

Immune to darkness and light, no strategies are right.

Gonna have you crying cheapness for a hundred nights.

I fuckin blew your mind, took out all your 100 lives.

(Verse 2 Player)

It makes me yell shit, I’m getting fuckin mean.

Even when I sleep the cheapness haunts my dreams.

Just getting to the final boss gave me Nintendo thumb.

Especially since he does infinite unlimited damage plus one.

Guns and swords in the tons I should have no hard feelins.

It wasn’t meant to be defeated by any man livin.

Heard what I said bitch, no fucking man livin.

Women or children in all humanity’s existence.

Tomnobu Itagaki and Tokuro Fujiwara.

Call me up screaming about the same damn boss encounter.

We strategize how to create an instant death counter.

Use to be four of us till the suicide of Sam Houser.

Drinking coke, fingers numb from so many button presses.

We say we’ll never play again, but we never learn our lesson.

Fuck! I keep on struggling.

Despite knowing that finishing this game is fucking dumb as shit.

(Verse 3 Boss)

Power level 99, attack level 99

Weapon strength 99, number of lives 99.

Take no rest at yo best the times you die is 99.

Been trying to finishing this game since 1999.

You can’t beat any version of me on a game station.

Back tracked and learned the attack instant teleportation.

GameFAQs was enough for my first form’s elimination.

The last save spot you had is still your final destination.

Zen like meditation for ultimate concentration.

Can’t believe you found a way to beat my 2nd tranformation.

Critical hit (critical hit)

Slow mo (slow mo)

Final blow (final blow)

Now my third form (third form)

Friday, August 24, 2007

E3 Week - Complaints and Grievances

Bitching and Moaning is more like it. I get all upset and worked up over CG trailers. And we talk about games that not only look bland, but the gameplay matches it. We also go into the dark side of mods for games and conclude that humanity is evil when given a chance. Time to play the game!

Length: 25:57

High Quality Temporary Link: 35.6MB


Low Quality Permanent Link: 11.8MB

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

E3 Week - Sony Press Conference

We argue about the Sony Conference in depth. From presentation to CG animation we hit every point and some that don’t even apply. Discussion on how Sony is failing at applying a Nintendo style marketing and suffer intense fear at Chewbacca’s appearance. Poor DILDO is forced to admit things about Sony that breaks his heart relating to Resistance: Fall of Man and MGS4’s presentation. We also talk about the “buzz” (obvious reference to another Mario Bee suit segment) at the conference about money, PSPs, Pachter, consumers, and language barriers.

Length: 36:31

High Quality Temporary Link: 50MB


Low Quality Permanent Link: 16.7MB

Monday, August 6, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

E3 Week – Triforce of Shows

Due to technical difficulties we were not able to post the show Monday and Tuesday so instead you get a triple shot today. DILDO and I battle a three-headed beast with the Microsoft Conference, Falling Short & Killzone, and the Nintendo Conference. In the end we discovered that we love bees and stealing PC games is not cool.

E3 Week – Microsoft Conference

I attempt to clarify why Microsoft’s boring E3 was better then a Halo fighting game CG trailer. DILDO hypes Mac gaming and showers Jade Raymond with love. And we both get a hardy laugh on behalf of Assassins Creed’s stage demo.

Length: 17:11

High Quality Temporary Link: 23.6MB

E3 Week – Falling Short and Killzone

I start off with a rant on Sony and its shortfalls that quickly escalates into DILDO claiming the Killzone video as perfect and my counter being it still appears like the same boring game. It goes into detail with how we view game graphics, games feeling alive, special effects, variety in games, and Muppets… yes Muppets.

Length: 21:33

High Quality Temporary Link: 29.6MB


Low Quality Permanent Link: 24.6MB

E3 Week – Nintendo Conference

Original title was Silence of the Fans, but DILDO found it a little too cruel. We got some good laughs at the big N’s showcase. The few times that we both agree and proceed to savage and poke fun vigorously. Imagine Don Rickles as the Hulk. And remember diversity is not a wooden civil war ship.

Length: 11:25

High Quality Temporary Link: 15.6MB

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back Catalog Berserk

This is the first of our Back Catalog series in which we find something old and give you our delayed, yet comprehensive view on it to let you know if its worth your time or money. If you are into anime or have been thinking about getting into it then we have a review of a great anime series. Despite Benitron and I giving spoilers (and our late warning of it) it fleshes out the experience you get when catching this awesome series. If you agree with me liking the ending or felt like Benitron who wanted more feel free to comment.

Length: 25:04

High Quality Temporary Link: 34.4MB


Low Quality Permanent Link: 11.4MB

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

World Premiere: Games - Manhunt 2 Banned

The first show is up and you have the option of high quality and the faster download for a permanent low quality version. It’s all about Benitron and I talking about Manhunt 2 getting banned while playing some Sonic 3. Oh and the static you hear every once in a while is Benitron’s phone receiving calls… it has been banned from future shows.

Make sure to give feedback and comment to let us know if you agree or disagree. This show is as much about the listeners as it is about us and I hope to make the audience just as important as the content posted.

Length: 59:45

High Quality Temporary Link: 82MB

Low Quality Permanent Link: 27.4MB
Part 1:
Part 2:

Monday, July 16, 2007

PEN-15 Radio Preview 1

PEN-15 - Makes Me Murder

The true story of a man changed by the games he played.


This game makes me murder!

Insane from the violent games that you heard of!

Go back to class with a gat and straight burn em!

This makes me murder!

GTA makes me hurt em!

This game makes me murder!

MK makes me murder!

This game makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

When the Postal Dude goes to schools its a disaster.

No resistance shooting the congregation and pastors.

A master… of a massacre on the classroom.

Professional training complete once I passed Doom.

Forget high definition real life’s much gorier.

Cut Jigsaws out of flesh like phantasmagoria.

Learned to kill with normal objects thanks to Manhunt.

Stand up and execute with the silence of a phantom.

Make columbine a hundred times. Set off mines at holy shrines.

From behind execute lives. No one alive to criticize.

Satisfy your blood thirst eyes. Commit crimes and homicides.

Playing time you’ll quickly find. A murderer inside your mind.

Jack Thompson’s trying take away my Thrill Kill.

Hilary’s interference makes me wanna Kill Bill.

So hostel… every single time I shot something.

Pulling the trigger’s no different then clicking a mouse button.

My calculations per seconds, makes artificial intelligence's

Comprehension irrelevant, cuz my mental development.

So incredibly excellent, execute with no hesitance.

Brain telemetric are full of violence and expletives.

This game makes me murder!

Insane from the violent games that you heard of!

Go back to class with a gat and straight burn em!

This makes me murder!

GTA makes me hurt em!

50 bucks and an adult gets you M rated access.

I thank Rockstar for teaching me Grand Theft.

Vehicular manslaughter till Carmageddon arrives.

Bully finally revealed my homosexual side.

My guns they stay blazing , I have they brains wasted

Its more then fake claiming, lay em like Jade Raymond

Making her scream amen, deadliest man aiming.

Power levels super saiyin, I always stay playing.

Start an army with a team of Counterstrike players.

Didn’t even know about fucking till I played San Andreas.

Rip your spine out then tear the flesh from your bones.

Mortal Kombat babysat me when I was home alone.

Worship the diabolical, pray to the mythological.

Mentality so illogical, trained to be unstoppable.

A cure for me is impossible, calculating methodical.

Killing police officers, bodies filling up hospitals.

Stores should sell more bibles and holy cross.

Cuz no blood was ever shed over the word of god.

Weapons expert driving around in a stolen car.

My times up cuz I’m just another cause that’s lost.

Transform to Sephiroth, charging super bar.

So pass me molotovs, cars armed with rocket bombs

Onslaught on synagogues, fireballs are scorching all.

Alarms are sound off, 2nd form of final boss.

Blast cerebral bores, starting a world war.

En-tour-age of harmful dvd roms.

High significant odds, killer numbers so large.

We must quickly resolve, put Jack Thompson in charge.

This game makes me murder!

Insane from the violent games that you heard of!

Go back to class with a gat and straight burn em!

This makes me murder!

GTA makes me hurt em!

This makes me murder!

MK makes me murder!

This game makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

Makes me murder!

Monday, July 9, 2007

The strive towards greatness

Whether you've read this by accident, or just browsing the web, stop and ask yourself if you've ever really taken a step to do what you've wanted?

This blog, is something we feel that may answer this question. Maybe not for you personally, but for us, it's a stepping stone that might just point us in that right direction.

Destination? Greatness...something that everyone would like to achieve in their lifetime.

This place will be a spot where simple discussion takes place between friends/colleagues and what we feel is important to us and to those who share our interests.

Hopefully the next time you stop by, we may have something you'd like, or hate.