Monday, April 28, 2008

New Song: GTA Mobster

Listen to it 100 times and something magical will happen... not really, but do it anyway cuz the song is good.


May not agree with how I live life

But I gotta stay a GTA Mobster

Steal anybody's ride

Just give it up easily when I rob ya.

No option to fail, not going to jail

I'm all bout the paper, your death ain't cuz I hate you

The kind of guy that won't take no.

I'm just like Drago, know that I'll break you.


Ayo, attack with the side arm strapped.

LCPD’s creepin, watch my back.

Low ammo and give a cro cop beating.

Bruised fists, leavin you in the streets dead bleeding.

Walk with attitude, yell at mutha fuckas.

The AUTOmatic for car jackin mutha fuckas.

Helicopter are much worse, trackin mutha fuckas.

The crew I roll with, are savage mutha fuckas.

Get mad, bust gats then the sirens start blaring up.

Only a matter of time before the mass hysteria.

Feds say they’ll shoot, its just them scarin ya.

Darin ya to blow up the whole fuckin area.

Hold yo own weight cuz won’t nobody carry ya.

Don’t its yo mistake then they’ll have to bury ya.

Grand of cash I’m for hire, thieving ways won’t retire.

Automatics will fire.


Verse 2:

In the midnight club, see the front of my gun.

Grab the stash when I’m done, finishing the smuggler’s run.

Hooker lean on my truck, so I then have to hooker up.

With an uppercut then dump the fucking cunt in the trunk.

Called cops on the phone, so took her to the forests alone.

Put the chrome to her dome, ready to shredder all of her bones.

Shut up bitch why you now speaking out, now freaking out.

Seeing how, you got the cops now seeking me out.

Fully, knew I’m a bully so don’t bother to kick or pull me.

Tie a noose around her neck and use my car as a pully.

Rivals get it too till they need the max pain pills.

Real warriors won’t hesitate dedicate to kill.

Came to Liberty City to take every block over.

Leave bodies smoking after givin em that glock-coma

Ricochet rocket propelled grenades life flashes so quick.

Last thing you hear on earth Jimmy Gestapo and Oh shit!


Verse 3

Statue of Happiness, that’s one big bitch.

Till I met the LCPD after stealing yo shit.

Francis International Airport arrived Niko Bellic.

He ain’t start out causing havoc so I gotta give em credit till later that day.

Roman got him into something stupid.

All hell starts to break loose and in all of the confusion.

Ends up the dude on the news in the blue track suit shootin.

Who keeps on spittin rounds till ain’t nobody fuckin movin.

Liberty City, where the American dream goes to die.

The Land where capitalism and giant egos collide.

He came to this shitty city for prosperity and business.

Next thing he’s robbing bank of liberty and killing every witness.

I’m just out to get rich, and I got Nikko with me.

In a few weeks we cut a bonesaw through this city.

Niko, Roman, PEN-15’s all part of this deadly crew.

We bad boys, bad boys, so what cha gon do.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boss of the Bosses Episode 2

Well here is episode 2 (sorry I am posting this a little late) and it was such a kick ass show that to hear the rest you’ll have to wait for the next episode.

We dig into Call of Duty 4 and Street Fighter 4 again. We talk about if COD4 has the right balance in multiplayer and if Bots should be mandatory in FPS games. Then I talk waaay too long when responding to a listener’s mail about SF4.

Anyone can message me or Solar Khan either on my blog or gametrailers. Feedback or questions is something we’d like more of.

Other Updates
Despite having my own podcast I am still a frequent caller into the Bobby Blackwolf Show. I suggest you check it out if not just for me then just for the smart commentary provided by Blackwolf.

I've been banned from Chatterbox Video Game Show call ins I don't know why, but during the live shows I'm still in the IRC talking up a storm like I usually do. I talked so much on the last show I really didn't even hear anything they said. I guess when I can't comment by calling in it makes it harder to listen to what they are saying. Still a great show that you should check out despite the ungodly hour it comes on live. But if its too much work download the podcast like I'll have to so that I can find out what the hell I missed last week.

Also Solar Khan and I are trying to expand our horizons/empire. So expect some new and surprising things from us in the future. Here is something that I can say I truly did not expect despite knowing it was going to happen...

Also be on the lookout for new music. I got some things in the works that fit into some game releases.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Show!

I started a new show with SolarKahn on gametrailers and it is by far the greatest show on earth. Make sure to leave a comment and say just how awesome we are.

If you like the show then spread the video to as many as possible. If you hate it then spread the video as much as possible so you can see how wrong you are.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wikimedia Video + Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Martha Maccallum’s reporting is rubbish makes me sick to my stomach.
You should be shot in the head in public view.
And your retarded panel should be made an example.
Get face to face with the barrel and be executed too.

Cooper says women shouldn't be viewed for sexuality.
In reality she's wearing more makeup then a clown.
They stupidly claim the game has nudity.
Maybe you should have played the game so you'd know just how ignorant you sound.

Hey cooper why don't you shove it up your pooper.
Cuz its obvious the minimal research you did wasn't that deep.
They need to shut up these bitches put them back in the kitchen.
Shut their mouth or better yet open up while on their knees.

Geoff Keighley was put on tv needlessly and
Cuz they interrupted him so much he didn't get his message through.
Their quick to trash it and end up like dumb asses
Over something as little as a bit of blue bare ass and blue side boob.

Their misleading ya with misinformation like wikipedia.
Or wikimedia and it has got to stop
Isn't it crazy last time I saw a blue lady nude.
It was the PG-13 X-Men produced by who else? Fox!

Its not news, only make you look like fools.
Its fox news, here to misinform you.

(Verse 2)
With-no kids of age the first panel member complains
And says he won't let the game anywhere near or inside of his house.
With his very attractive pedophile glasses.
You stupid asses get off our TVs and never open your mouth.

If you leave your kids alone in the home
And they find the video games then as a parent its apparent your dumb.
Cuz if your paranoid and think games will destroy
Their mind then take the games and lock them all up as if it was a gun.

Then started debating why it doesn't have an adult rating
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to be a bit blunt.
You fucking old bitch go choke on a old dick
I'll take a pool stick and put it through asshole then shove it up your cunt.

All this attention and constant mention will boost games sales for them
And it has happened many times in the recent past.
Wikimedia is the game that they play its so insane
The only logic came from the gay guy that went last.

Their misleading ya with misinformation like wikipedia.
Or wikimedia and it has got to stop
Isn't it crazy last time I saw a blue lady nude.
It was the PG-13 X-Men produced by who else? Fox!

Its not news, only make you look like fools.
Its fox news, here to misinform you.

(Verse 3)
Cooper instead of selling your book learn how to cook
I won't apologize for giving you little to no respect.
Pardon me cuz my misogyny then obviously must logically
Have come from playing too much Mass Effect.

The-fact you were able to show the footage in question uncensored
essentially revealed lack of credibility.
With all your goofs and blunders it’s no surprise or wonder
everyone greets your newscast with such fierce negativity.

You talk about something while knowing nothing
about the subject then expect to be taken very seriously.
I hope your found like Heath Ledger and get your heads severed
Brutalized, victimized, severely beaten repeatedly.

The seemingly hundreds of interruptions during discussions
And factual errors make the guys at 4chan pissed.
Then PEN-15 has to go to extremes and guillotine
The entire crew at fox news till they no longer exist.

Their misleading ya with misinformation like wikipedia.
Or wikimedia and it has got to stop
Isn't it crazy last time I saw a blue lady nude.
It was the PG-13 X-Men produced by who else? Fox!

Its not news, only make you look like fools.
Its fox news, here to misinform you.

So fuck you, everyone at fox news.
I’ll hunt you, leave you in a bloody pool.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Track, New What To Listen For

New track on the myspace is out and expect a video for it soon. Its all about Fox News and their brilliant coverage of Mass Effect. Now if you like the song then make sure you tell everyone to go listen to it. If you hate the song then make sure you tell everyone to go listen to it to so you can find out you are wrong. So you are lucky enough to be the first to listen because for some reason you check my blog and yet never comment on it. Track is called Wikimedia!

You can also hear me on the Bobby Blackwolf Show. I go on and vent on Fox news and flying knee strikes are involved. I also talk about someone who didn’t get enough credit for saving someone’s life because they learned it from a game. Finally I end with a discussion on the main topic of the night which is what could be the cause and effect of completely realistic visuals and violence.

Time to Listen: 49:00 min


Lose Gerstmann Video Count: 12,500

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What To Listen For

I had a busy 2 weeks with appearances on several podcast and one big surprise I’ll talk about in a second.

Bobby Blackwolf Show

Weekly, Sundays, 8PM

Download Link:

DESCRIPTION: An awesome podcast that gives the listener to not only listen live, but also participate in making the show great. I often call in to discuss the big topics of the week or a philosophy or point of view on gaming I think is worthy of discussion. If you are too shy to call in there is always the chat room to keep you busy and chatting with other listeners who voice their opinion on the various topics.

EPISODE: In this double sized super show I call in to talk about Street Fighter 4 and various other fighters as well as a call talking about the conversations gamers have with each other and what someone personally looks for when deciding why a game is great.

You can listen for me near the 34:00-47:00 and 1:33:00-1:44:00 mark.

Chatterbox Video Game Show

Weekly, Tuesdays, 11PM


DESCRIPTION: Not only is the show live, but it is also broadcast on the radio in Arizona. The hosts Alon (game fan), Ara (game designer), and Rich (student game designer) are a smart and diverse group whose show feels painfully short only because you love hearing their point of view on the industry and game design. I rarely call into the show (I still call the most) and when I do I am greeted with open arms (unless I disagree). They also have a live chat room so that you can discuss the topic and Rich is often in there relaying the information and opinions to the other hosts.

EPISODE: This two part segment talks about why we play games and what motivates us. I call in and talk about games as a challenge and the side effects of a frustrated gamer.

You can listen for me near the 21:00-40:00 mark.


Weekly, Fridays


DESCRIPTION: A great podcast that takes a look at not only the news of the week, but any great deals on games that can be found. It’s hosted by Cheapy D from Japan and Wombat from New York with discussions from both sides of the gaming hemispheres. Unlike most podcast its very personal and you will get to know (and learn to love) the two hosts of the show.

EPISODE: This is such a cool moment that I won’t even spoil it for you. Simply take a quick listen for not only one of the coolest things that ever, but something that even amazed me as I listened.

You can listen for me near the 19:40-28:00 and 2:01:00-2:04:00 mark.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blowing Up

"I'm like a man smoking at a gas station... I'm about to blow up!" - Martin Lawrence, Martin TV Show

In a little over a week my video on YouTube has had over 10,000 views which is more then I ever imagined. I put a lot of work into the song and am shocked by the response I've received. The best part being the various journalists that saw the video.

I got a personal message from Kyle Orland (youtube comments) who was the person that broke the news on Joystiq. That was crazy enough, but it turns out he also use to go to my high school and essentially lived in the same area I do today. I also got a personal message from the man himself Jeff Gerstmann saying that he liked the song (check myspace comments). That to me would have been enough... but it gets better.

One journalist by the name of Sam Kennedy not only puts my video in his blog post, but has written an incredible article about the situation. If at all interested I strongly suggest you check out his post. Its long, but after you finished reading it you'll be glad you now have deeper insight about the subject matter and how it effects all gaming media.

Once again thanks to everyone that helped make the video a hit and expect more to come.

Video link:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Track: Lose Gerstmann


This was definitely a labor of love. The song is about the firing of Jeff Gerstmann at While most may assume that this was done as a simple commentary on the events that took place I honestly can say his writing was something I looked forward to on a regular basis.

When Greg Kasavin left a year or two ago I took it pretty hard since him and Jeff were the best reviewers and commentators in the industry. And in the days where most game journalist are leaving for careers in game development its sad to see such a well known and respected member of the community be dispatched in such a terrible way.

He was one of my motivations into writing about games and these events have truly discouraged me from ever wanting to participate in a place where such events could take place.

I hope you enjoy the track and feel free to leave me feedback on what you thought about the song.


First time on a mac, first time with internet access.

Middle school rules limited the url address.

And I did what any kid at 13 years of age.

Broke the rules and typed the words videogames.

The surprise in my eyes that site did exist.

Turn my world upside down, never been the same since.

Its rare a teenager who when initially logs on.

Chooses to see videogames over

This is before the words nerdcore or hardcore.

Before game concerts before star force.

Before l33t speak before CS aim bots.

Before the site you recognize today as gamespot.

Before Behind the games, button mashing, tournament tv.

Ocarina, Soul Calibur, Tony Hawk 3.

Before HDTV, games on DVDs

Before gamespot's destruction of their own http.

The Hypertext protocol lost its meaning to all.

Choosing money over integrity became your downfall.

At 3am on November 30th 07

My RSS received news beyond my comprehension.

When I read the news on joystiq it was hard to stomach.

I thought Kyle Orland must've fucking gone nuts or somethin.

I was sooner to believe that he was being punished.

For pornography or siphoning money from the budget.

Thought it was another case that media made shit up.

Or small event that got exaggerated and blown up.

My own ignorance thought things can't be so corrupt.

It was two days later before I'd finally erupt.

Mitigating circumstances made me enlightened.

Taking down the video review and the advertisements.

Showed how guilty you are no way you can deny it.

No surprise that every gamer began unsubscribing.


Gamespot, Eidos, or Cnet no one’s sure who to blame.

I’ll break it down for you so you know who to flame.

Gamespot initially received the first few blows.

Logic dictates that Jeff was running the show.

So that isn’t where the damage should be dealt.

Cuz Jeff would basically have to fire himself.

Eidos definitely deserves the negative feelings.

However those guys were pissed for a legitimate reason.

You must admit that it’s a part of Eidos job.

To make sure their adverts are worth the cost.

Its business and it makes sense they’re pissed off.

And that they complain about the reviewer in charge.

This is the role played by those in PR.

Allowing them to effect you is when things go wrong.

Dan Shoe wrote they bribe with schwag, games, and flights.

PR’s job’s on the line if scores aren’t at max height

However those that work at the Cnet networks

Are the bad guys that deserve the loss of net worth.

Since Jeff didn’t quit you know it’s a higher up.

That fired em over an advertisers bucks.

Deal with the consequences gamers are mad as fuck.

Fuck your no comment your actions were loud enough.

When an entire bus of gamers with signs and fliers up

Admire us outside of their office louder then fire trucks.

And those that heard the news and were quick to applaud.

Showed exactly how ignorant Nintendo fanboys are.

Reviews aren’t fact, but what one person thinks.

Same way I disagree with Jeff’s hate for Killer Instinct.

Firing Jeff saved money, but fans is what it cost em.

Seriously though the combo system was so awesome.

It was the best of Street Fighter and Mortal Combat combined.

With an announcer that sounded like the unreal guy.

Even though Cnet is the largest target.

Its gamespot that will be hit the hardest.

Even though the staff may never be bought off.

Theirs anxiety that a review may end your job.

If I were a staff member I would have to walk out.

If everything I wrote is always meet with doubt.

Now anything they say will be subject to question.

If a great reviews honest or great out of pressure.

That people disagree with it is a pain to think.

Expect to go online and get your ass flamed and lynched.

The game title’s unsaid and I won’t say it since.

It doesn’t deserve one god damn sale or cent.

Distrust in reviews will hurt all with no exceptions

Who to trust is obvious if you paid close attention.

What road you choose next isn’t the tracks message.

Go to gamespot or not is at your own discretion.

I was an on the spot viewer, a hotspot listener.

Now I'm taking out the fire hydrants and extinguishers.

Pull the alarm and have everyone in the building running.

Set fire to their office, they ain't even Cnet comin.

Steven Colvin at Cnet must be a regular genius.

A veteran disgracefully fired how did you not see this.

Cnet is worse then the buzz rip off.

Now I’m in front of your office armed and ticked off.

The first moment you see doors burst open

You’ll find a berserk person bloody with shirt open

The verse spoken purely made as a burn notice

Guns burstin with little to no words spoken

If you’re the dumb person to fire jeff gerstmann

I'm the worst person, you'd want to meet in first person

Or in person you impersonate a site with credibility.

Your decision is worthy of the mass of negativity.