Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Track Debut!!!

Brand new track about the toughest game boss you could ever face. Spread the love and the link to this blog post.

Video coming soon as well as part 2 to this track.


(Verse 1 Boss)

You think you gonna win against me I’m the fuckin boss.

Only thing I’m giving players is another loss.

You can upgrade everything no matter the cost.

But in the end I know controllers gonna get tossed.

The game designer wanted you to yell god damn it.

You ain’t gonna beat me cuz I’m fuckin god damn it.

You get so aggro (aggro) you kicked yourSsega.

Dreamcast HP scan shows I’m alpha omega.

When you fightin me you’ll think I’m so gay.

You reach the end, but you’ll never beat the whole game.

My health regains, even as I fight. (fade in)

Immune to darkness and light, no strategies are right.

Gonna have you crying cheapness for a hundred nights.

I fuckin blew your mind, took out all your 100 lives.

(Verse 2 Player)

It makes me yell shit, I’m getting fuckin mean.

Even when I sleep the cheapness haunts my dreams.

Just getting to the final boss gave me Nintendo thumb.

Especially since he does infinite unlimited damage plus one.

Guns and swords in the tons I should have no hard feelins.

It wasn’t meant to be defeated by any man livin.

Heard what I said bitch, no fucking man livin.

Women or children in all humanity’s existence.

Tomnobu Itagaki and Tokuro Fujiwara.

Call me up screaming about the same damn boss encounter.

We strategize how to create an instant death counter.

Use to be four of us till the suicide of Sam Houser.

Drinking coke, fingers numb from so many button presses.

We say we’ll never play again, but we never learn our lesson.

Fuck! I keep on struggling.

Despite knowing that finishing this game is fucking dumb as shit.

(Verse 3 Boss)

Power level 99, attack level 99

Weapon strength 99, number of lives 99.

Take no rest at yo best the times you die is 99.

Been trying to finishing this game since 1999.

You can’t beat any version of me on a game station.

Back tracked and learned the attack instant teleportation.

GameFAQs was enough for my first form’s elimination.

The last save spot you had is still your final destination.

Zen like meditation for ultimate concentration.

Can’t believe you found a way to beat my 2nd tranformation.

Critical hit (critical hit)

Slow mo (slow mo)

Final blow (final blow)

Now my third form (third form)