Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boss of the Bosses Episode 2

Well here is episode 2 (sorry I am posting this a little late) and it was such a kick ass show that to hear the rest you’ll have to wait for the next episode.

We dig into Call of Duty 4 and Street Fighter 4 again. We talk about if COD4 has the right balance in multiplayer and if Bots should be mandatory in FPS games. Then I talk waaay too long when responding to a listener’s mail about SF4.

Anyone can message me or Solar Khan either on my blog or gametrailers. Feedback or questions is something we’d like more of.

Other Updates
Despite having my own podcast I am still a frequent caller into the Bobby Blackwolf Show. I suggest you check it out if not just for me then just for the smart commentary provided by Blackwolf.

I've been banned from Chatterbox Video Game Show call ins I don't know why, but during the live shows I'm still in the IRC talking up a storm like I usually do. I talked so much on the last show I really didn't even hear anything they said. I guess when I can't comment by calling in it makes it harder to listen to what they are saying. Still a great show that you should check out despite the ungodly hour it comes on live. But if its too much work download the podcast like I'll have to so that I can find out what the hell I missed last week.

Also Solar Khan and I are trying to expand our horizons/empire. So expect some new and surprising things from us in the future. Here is something that I can say I truly did not expect despite knowing it was going to happen...

Also be on the lookout for new music. I got some things in the works that fit into some game releases.

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